My new hobby

I recently had the pleasure of helping Andrew Weinberg and Rich Pisnoy, co-founders of Silver Fin Capital, a top-rated mortgage company located in Great Neck, New York and serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, sharpen thSFC-logo-horizontal-cmykeir marketing, rebrand their image, and develop a new website.

My primary role was to serve as marketing strategist and project coordinator. That began by spending time with Andrew and Rich to thoroughly understand their business, sales process, and value propositions, and to conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats).

My activities also included locating and directing a copywriter to turn the SWOT and value propositions into words, a designer to provide an exceptional new look from logo to finished website (and I found a truly great web designer in Len Williams of Design Strategies), and a plan for driving traffic to the Silver Fin Capital website. That plan includes both Adwords and SEO.

While I always enjoy being actively involved and hands-on in the creative process, working as project manager and with other highly competent creative people was a real hoot. I not only had a great time but the result speaks for itself. So I’ve found my new hobby: working with and directing a highly creative and talented team to bring about a truly exceptional outcome. CLICK HERE to see the new Silver Fin Capital website.

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Watching winter on television

I just realized how long it’s been since I posted a blog — almost three months.

Well, there’s good reason. Or, at least, there’s a reason.Moving van I moved. After seven years in New York City, it was time to return to the land of sunshine — Florida. That move happened for me officially on October 1st.

People ask why I’m moved. At the top of the list is the weather. Some like it hot and I’m one of those guys. Winter and I just don’t get along and the last two winters in New York left me with two options: Hibernate or move back to the Tampa area.

The other reason is that I’m now back among family and friends, sunny skies, sandy beaches, and no snow.

So if you’re looking for me, you can find me in a Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs, chasing alligators down U.S. Highway 19, taking the grandkids for ice cream, or at my desk. (This isn’t retirement. Life in Florida only sounds like retirement.)

Continue reading

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The dictionary defines reinvent as “to make major changes or improvements to (something), to present (something) in a different or new way.”

People reinvent themselves all the time, often without consciously being aware they’re rethinkdoing so. Something stirs them and they decide to adopt the latest fashion trend, join a new club, try a new activity, or take a few courses – just for the fun of it.

Businesses need to be a whole lot more conscious and deliberate about reinvention. In fact, I believe it’s essential for business owners to continually reinvent their businesses.

Reinvention means introducing new products or services and their accompanying new features and benefits, seeking out new markets, rethinking deliverables, reevaluating pricing strategies, refreshing their branding, and updating value propositions so they better address the needs of their customer base for today and tomorrow. Continue reading

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Connecting the dots between marketing and the sales process

INTERVIEW Bruce Hurwitz, host of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce’s The Voice of Manhattan Business conducted an insightful interview with me on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. He was looking to connect the dots between marketing and the sales process. Great questions. Solid answers.

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Marketing, sales, and emotional intelligence

I’ll be the special guest of Dr. Hank Clemons, Founder and CEO for the Society of Emotional Intelligence. Our topic is Marketing, Sales, and Emotional Intelligence.  Join us on Thursday, July 24 at 7:15 p.m.  Click this link to listen live: or to learn how to access the interview in the event you’re not able to listen live.

[UPDATED 7/29/2014] Dr. Hank provided a link to a recording of my interview. In preparing for the interview, I gave a lot of thought to how emotion plays a vital part in both marketing and the sales process. You’ll really enjoy this. Check it out –

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How do you see others? How do they see you?

There’s an old story (call it an urban legend) of a man walking into a Mercedes dealership one afternoon. He’s dressed in old, torn blue jeans, a flannel shirt in dire need of retirement, and work boots. He’s definitely in need of a shave.arms crossed4

The man walks around the showroom, opens the door to a new S Class sedan, and climbs inside the car. In the meantime, three salesmen, each with arms crossed, are standing on the sideline watching the man. All eyes are fixed to see what the he will do next. But no one approaches the man.

The man exits the automobile and walks the rest of the showroom reading the stickers on various models. Periodically, he looks up at the small group of salesmen huddled at the back of the showroom. Still, no one approaches. The man exits the dealership.

As the story goes, the man crosses the street, walks into the Jaguar dealership, and drives out an hour later in a new Jaguar XK Coupe.

This works in the opposite direction, too. Continue reading

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For startups and younger businesses

Join me as I outline the 5 critical mistakes startup businesses make that zap short-term success and hinder long-term prosperity, and how to avoid them at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at Fairfield Inn & Suites, Tarpon Springs, Florida. Sponsored by West Pasco Chamber of Commerce. Learn more.

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How good are you at failing?

People dream of success. But they don’t dream of failing.

In fact, most people don’t even like to think about failing. After all, failing doesn’t make us Do not give upfeel very good. It doesn’t assure us we’re on the right track or even if we know where the track is. If anything, it reminds us we’ve made a mistake, miscalculated, or misjudged something.

Fortunately, I don’t spend much time feeling badly when things don’t work right. Perhaps it’s because I think of failing as learning. The way I see it, I’ve learned what doesn’t work.

Like Thomas A. Edison, instead of focusing on what failed, I try to figure out exactly what went wrong and what I could do to correct it or do it better the next time. Edison was very clear about failing. In the course of inventing the light bulb he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Each failed attempt brought him closer to seeing the light and getting the answer he was looking for.

Now, there is a huge difference between failing and being a failure. Some people get confused. Continue reading

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Barbie Hall Gummin interviews Gil

I had the pleasure yesterday to be interviewed by Barbie Hall Gummin, founder of TLC5, The Life Coaching CONNECTION.You can learn more about TLC5 at and Barbie at

To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE. It runs almost 45 minutes. Thanks to the added length, it enables me to encapsulate many of the primary concepts I outline in the book.

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Are you creating an exceptional experience?

I freely admit to being one of the most demanding customers a business will ever encounter.

Why not? The way I see it, when I’m reaching into my wallet to pull out a stacLightbulb64k of cash or a credit card, I have the right to expect the best possible experience and feel good about the money I’m spending.

When I work with smaller business, I’m always quick to point out how easy it is for them to create a culture in which everyone in the organization is dedicated to doing his or her share to provide an exceptional experience. I tell them providing an exceptional experience is an ultimate differentiator for smaller businesses.

I heard a story about an air conditioning technician who came to the home to perform spring maintenance on an A/C unit. He noticed one of the light bulbs in the furnace area had burned out. He asked the homeowner if she had another light bulb. She did and he installed it.

He then asked if any other bulbs in the house needed to be changed. She pointed to an outdoor spotlight on the second floor. The technician went to his truck, brought back a ladder, and changed the bulb. Continue reading

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