The Story of the Silver Bucket

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of young entrepreneurs.

The host introduced me and there was the typical round of welcoming applause.

Once at the podium, I reached to the adjacent shelf and grabbed for my silver metal bucket.

(I always take this bucket with me whenever I’m giving a talk.)

I eyed one of the people sitting in the front row and handed the bucket to him. As he reached for the bucket I asked him to fill the bucket halfway with water.

More than a little puzzled but willing to oblige, he took the bucket from me and started to walk toward the door.

He stopped suddenly, turned to me, and with great alarm said, “There are holes in this bucket.”

I responded with “So!”

My surprised assistant added, “If I fill the bucket with water, the water will go through the holes!”

I motioned to the young man to hand the bucket to me and he did. I then looked at the audience and asked if someone else would be willing to take on the task.

There was total stillness. Absolutely no takers.

“Congratulations, my friends,” I said looking at the audience. “You wiser than some of the most experienced business owners I know.”

Now with their undivided attention, I put this into perspective.

“Businesses need new clients and customers to survive. It’s how they grow and prosper. But if they lose as many clients as they bring in, they don’t make much progress. In fact, they actually lose ground.

“So, in order to make significant progress, not only do they need new clients, they must keep the clients they have. It’s called retention or client retention. They won’t keep them all, but given the right retention strategies and programs, they will retain many clients.”

While I dedicate myself to helping businesses improve marketing and sales outcomes, I’m equally dedicated to helping businesses retain the clients they have. My metal bucket helps me make my point about the importance of client retention.

ProfitAbility Institute can help you in two ways. The first is to help you create improved marketing and sales outcomes. The second is to retain more of the business you already have.

Through my bestselling book, How to Close More Business in Less Time, my training programs and talks to groups of all sizes, and my personalized coaching, I can help you close more business in less time and, with as much enthusiasm, help you retain the customers and clients you have.

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