I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing this news with you. Purzue Founder Davinder Singh and CEO Richard Zeitz have asked me to serve as Marketing Advisor to Purzue. I’m not only thrilled about working with Purzue, but I also consider it to be a great honor.

First and foremost, Purzue is about providing a great product and service… and it’s also about social responsibility. When I learned that Davinder and Richard planned to offer Purzue resumes free to veterans, it told me not only a lot about them, but that they also understand what doing business in 2012 is all about.

20,000 veterans and military spouses attended Hiring our Heros events last week throughout the U.S. Shown here, the career fair on the U.S.S. Intrepid sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Purzue CEO Richard Zeitz was there offering veterans a free 10-year membership to Purzue.

But I’m putting the cart before the horse. Let me give you a quick introduction to Purzue and how and why it’s about to change the way job seekers market themselves and find jobs. 

Purzue is a flexible, dynamic, multimedia resume builder that puts you – as a job seeker – in control of your own destiny… at the same time that it gives employers a better, more effective way to discover that you are their ideal candidate.

With a built-in resume navigator, Word and PDF output, and tools for importing and connecting with other online career sites, Purzue gives job seekers a strategic advantage in a challenging job market as it helps you interact quickly, efficiently, and effectively with a greater number of recruiters and hiring managers.

Purzue allows job seekers to combine text, images, audio, and video into an eye-catching and impressive multidimensional multimedia resume in which they inject their total personality. It’s a way for them to allow recruiters and hiring managers to focus their attention on them and, more importantly, to get to know them personally.

I’ll look forward to telling you more about Purzue in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, I hope you will take a few minutes to become acquainted with Purzue.com.