armore fitness screenI am pleased to announce The Strategic Marketing Team’s launch of, a new product launch and marketing website for Armore LLC of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Steven Cersonsky, inventor or the Armore™ wearable arm exerciser, told me he invented it for himself. He said, “Between spending so much time at his desk and not finding the time to work out at a fitness center, the wearable arm exerciser was his personal solution.”

The arm exerciser exoskeleton weighs only 7 ounces but emulates pressing up to 50 pounds. It can be worn all day and, if desired, under clothing. So it truly is the use it anywhere, anytime exerciser!

From the initial business and marketing strategy and planning to the development of a fully-functional marketing website that includes video, testimonials, extensive photography, and much more, along with a highly aggressive Facebook advertising campaign, not only launched last week, but started booking business on day one!

You can follow Armore Fitness on Facebook and you can support Armore LLC financially through Indiegogo.