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Train Your Client Retention Team

You’d never knowingly kill your relationship with your best customers or most lucrative clients. Yet too many businesses do exactly that. Instead of nurturing the relationships that have supported and fed their business and employees for many years, they spend … Continue reading

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Video Interview: The Sales Process

I had the pleasure of appearing on Bruce Hurwitz’s Meet the Experts. My topic, of course, was “How to Close More Business in Less Time.” Run time of the interview is about 30 minutes. I walk through the steps of … Continue reading

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When is the sale over?

Surprise, surprise! The sale isn’t over when the customer says “Yes” and reaches for a credit card. The sale isn’t over until the product or service is delivered. And it’s not over until there’s followup to make sure the the customer is … Continue reading

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A CMO Solution for Smaller Businesses

Most major corporations employ a CMO –– a Chief Marketing Officer. This C-level executive is supported by a staff of dozens or hundreds of marketing specialists. The larger the corporation, the larger the marketing department. Some marketing specialists deal with … Continue reading

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The fear of change

You offer a great solution. You give a great pitch and presentation. You handle and answer all the prospect’s objections. Then why don’t prospects say Yes? It’s not your pricing and it’s not that they can’t see the benefit. Simply put, … Continue reading

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The most important letter you will ever write

Even if you never mail it, writing a one-page sales letter will clarify your thinking and your marketing and sales message. Plus, it’s a great learning experience for you and has far reaching applications. A well-written, direct-to-the-point one-page sales letter … Continue reading

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Small business vs. big business

From time to time, I conduct a “meet the author” program. It’s like a lunch-and-learn but can be a breakfast-and-learn or a brunch-and-learn. My program last week was to a mixed group –– business owners, sales reps, and several people … Continue reading

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“Please help me”

It’s easy to ask for help. (Unless, of course, you’re trying to reach tech service at a mega corporation that wants your money but doesn’t want to talk to you.) Yet people resist asking for help. Perhaps it’s because they … Continue reading

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Writer’s block

I’ve been writing professionally my entire adult life — books, articles, reports, marketing copy, radio and television commercials, blog posts, you name it. I’ve always proudly proclaimed that I never get writer’s block. Until today! Nothing came to mind as … Continue reading

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Who Killed the Family Business?

In 2015, Centre Club Business Connection Committee (the committee in which I currently serve as chair) needed an event: something theatrical. My recommendation was that to make it truly effective, it needed to be more than actors speaking to a passive audience. … Continue reading

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