The more aggressive and menacing your competitors, the more important it is for your entire team to turn its attention to client retention. The solution is training, and the trainer is bestselling author Gil Effron.

Stop Working So Hard!

Focusing on attracting and engaging new customers is vital to every business. Unfortunately, identifying, qualifying, pitching, and closing new clients or customers has its challenges.

It takes 5 times as long and costs 10 times as much time and effort to attract a new client or customer than to invest in and grow an existing one. It’s time consuming. There are a lot of disappointments along the way. Plus, it’s a lot of work!

The best opportunity for solid sales growth now and in the future comes about more easily by investing in selling more to the customers and clients you already have.

Developed by bestselling author Gil Effron (How to Close More Business in Less Time), ProfitAbility Institute’s proprietary Sales Process Training helps businesses attract and close new clients.

Now, our Client Retention Process Training and Coaching helps businesses like yours maximize sales and increase profitability from within your existing client/customer base. 

Without a definitive, proactive, and structured Client Retention Process and professional company-wide training, there’s no telling how much business is walking out your door and into the arms of your competitors.

Client Retention Training Programs

Developed by Gil Effron in Association with ProfitAbility Institute, Client Retention Training involves your entire organization. Although not every team member comes in contact with clients and customers, everyone has the responsibility to do his or her share in creating an exceptional experience. That includes quality products and services delivered on time.

For team members that come in direct contact with clients and customers, they are the eyes and ears of the leadership team.

Client Retention Training is available in the following formats:

1) Series of six 90-minute workshops. Presented live at your place of business. Heavy on audience interaction. Topics include: The Theory of the Bucket, Creating Exceptional Client/Customer Experiences, Proactive Communication, The Sales Process, Living Your Value Propositions, and Best Retention Strategies.

2) Series of three webinars. Topics Include 1) Understanding the Sales Process, 2) How the Sales Process Supports Client Retention, and 3) Communication Strategies for Maximizing Client Retention.  

3) One-on-one coaching. Creating Your Client Retention Culture. Assessing your current situation –– what’s working; what isn’t. Specific recommendations for creating and growing your own Client Retention Culture by engaging every team member.

4) One-on-one coaching. Building a team that creates exceptional client experiences and keeps clients engaged and appreciating you.

5) Custom retention training programs based on your organization or team’s specific needs.

Team Training

In every organization, the highly defined role of the sales team is to develop new business and upsell and resell current customers.

The role of the client retention team, which includes the entire organization, is also clearly defined. It is to:

  • Prevent customer/client erosion
  • Create and maintain exceptional experiences inside and outside the organization
  • Develop and implement proactive strategies and habits
  • Understand the sales process and how it governs every aspect of your business
  • Communicate and live value propositions
  • Understand the art and science of team success
  • And more

Our customized and personalized training educates and inspires every team member and helps each team member to learn to play an active role in retaining existing customers.

Either working one-on-one with a team leader or training the trainers within your organization, our Client Retention Process includes all the materials and teaching aids you need to strengthen your organization’s efforts, prevent customer/client loss, and to make customer retention a top priority.

Call Today

While every business needs a proactive Client Retention process, sadly, most don’t have any. At ProfitAbility Institute, we can fix that.

Call CEO and principal trainer Gil Effron at 813-489-9596 –– or email CEO @ to learn how your organization can create and implement an effective and proactive Client Retention Process.

Remember, without proactive and company-wide Client Retention Process and training, there’s no telling how much business could be walking out your door –– lost and gone forever.