Client Retention

What Good Is a Leaky Bucket?

The boss and the sales department expend a tremendous amount of time, money, energy, and effort to attract new business — to fill the bucket with new customers, revenue, and new projects.12718405 - tin bucket with holes

But what good does filling the bucket (bringing in new customers and new projects) do if the bucket leaks — and the business loses customers as fast as they come in… and profitable projects disappear just as readily?

When you stop to think about it, it’s impossible to fill a leaky bucket. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much water you add to the bucket, it invariably drains out.

When I coach businesses in The Art of the Sales Process, I want everyone in the organization to understand the critical role they play in retaining customers and clients, in providing an exceptional experience, in keeping customers happy, in delivering quality products and services, and doing their share to create and maintain lifetime relationships.

That focus on the back-end — on the business you aleady have — is the best way and the only way to plug the leaky bucket and keep it plugged.

My Customer Retention Coaching focuses on:

  • The Theory of the Bucket
  • Creating an exceptional experience
  • Training team members to be proactive –– when they see something, they say something. When they hear something, they say something. Or, when they have a hunch that things aren’t going as well as they should with a given customer.

I know The Art of the Sales Process inside and out. After all, I’m the guy who wrote the bestselling book on How to Close More Business in Less Time.

I can help you and your entire team build a sales process that leads to improved sales and revenue outcomes.

And I can help you and your team build a customer retention process that plugs the holes in the bucket and keeps them plugged.

I’m so committed to this effort that I’ve declared and proclaimed 2019 as The Year of Maximum Customer/Client Retention.

Let me help you.