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When I wrote How to Close More Business in Less Time, my plan was to use the book as a calling card and as a professional credential. And although it’s available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in digital form, I never invested time in selling single copies. (That explains why I haven’t sold a million copies.)

Since 2014, How to Close More Business in Less Time has found its way into the hands of business people, professionals, team leaders, and startups who tell me the ideas I share in the book saved their bacon! It put them back in the game… or kept them in the game… or helped push them higher than they ever dreamed possible!

Along the way, I’d get calls from people who read the book asking me to work with them one on one –– to coach them in creating an “ideal” sales process, opening doors more easily, presenting and pitching their deal and, most importantly, closing more business and better business in less time.

In recent months the number of calls and requests has increased from people asking for private coaching. Truth be told, I jump at the opportunity. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping someone become so proficient in selling that the title of my book lives up to its unmitigated promise.

Here’s how my Private Coaching Program works:

My coaching model is based on a flat monthly fee. This monthly fee includes all the time we spend on the phone for scheduled calls (minimum one hour per week). Plus, it allows for an unlimited number of “quick calls” and emails. When an urgent or time-sensitive issue comes up, rather than waiting until our next regularly scheduled time to talk, you send an email or a text. We’ll set a time to talk and deal with your issue or question right on the spot.

I’ve used this billing approach successfully for many years. Clients like it because they don’t need to think about hourly charges building up. Plus, they like it because they can get the information and support they need when they need it –– to make a decision or take action and to move forward with greater confidence knowing they’re heading in the right direction.

To learn more about my coaching program, send an email to Gil [at] GilEffron [dot] com. Subject line: Private Coaching. Tell me a little about yourself, your current situation, and how I can help you. Be sure to include your contact information. I’ll reach out to you to set a time for a brief conversation.

If your goal is to Close More Business in Less Time and if you’re truly committed to making that happen, contact me today. I can help you learn how to be more effective and more successful, and add significantly to your bottom line.

Contact me TODAY. Let’s see what we can do to help you make bigger bank deposits and more of them!

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Discover why so many people find How to Close More Business in Less Time so helpful. Order a copy today. Discover exactly how I approach sales and creating an ideal sales process, and how I connect the dots between marketing and the sales process.


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