Contract Marketing Director

For Improving Sales and Marketing Outcomes
from the Inside Out…

Bring Gil Effron on board as your Contract Marketing Director

Using his extensive marketing knowledge, experience, and perceptivity, Gil delivers a range of positive solutions for improving sales and marketing outcomes.

Unlike a “project” consultant, Gil becomes embedded, albeit part-time, as a member of your leadership team, focusing on short-term and long-term strategy, then translating that strategy into growing and improving marketing and sales effectiveness, strengthening your brand, targeting qualified prospects, eliminating points of constraint from within your sales process, and more.

Gil brings his 35+ years of experience in marketing, business development, and promotion to your business. His solutions approach saves you time and money and drives better outcomes.

If you’re ready for positive solutions to improve your bottom line, contact Gil today at 813-489-9596. Then watch him do his magic.

  • Successful short-term and long-term growth strategies
  • Design, implementation, management and monitoring multiple projects simultaneously
  • Exceptional communication and leadership skills
  • Writing skills including an Amazon Bestselling book entitled How to Close More Business in Less Time
  • Plus us hundreds of pages of marketing copy

“Gil has served as our contract marketing director for 30 years. The arrangement worked out so well, we never felt the need to bring a full-time marketing director onboard.” — Name and Company upon request.

“Gil isn’t a vendor trying to sell us something. He’s a team member helping us make better decisions, better marketing investments, and grow our business.” — Name and Company upon request.

“Gil not only has helped me in my business, but I recommend all my clients spend time with him to make sure their marketing is doing everything it’s supposed to.” — Gary Anzalone, Razor Consulting Inc.