ribbon cutting for book sml


Typically, a ribbon cutting is a public ceremony that celebrates the opening of a new building or business. And while I’ve stood in line for book signings, I’ve never actually seen a ribbon cutting marking the official launch of a new book — especially one online. But I figured why not!

So, with FANFARE and a toast in hand, I’m pleased to announce the official launch TODAY of my newest book, How to Close More Business in Less Time.

Advanced copies of How to Close More Business in Less Time shipped a week ago to a number of business colleagues and associates, experts in business, sales, and marketing and, of course, relatives. (The relatives are my toughest critics.)

The response so far is everything I hoped for. I’m hearing, “How to Close More Business in Less Time is an easy read with lots of ideas they’ll be able to use and put to work.” It’s a pleasure to read, nothing like an ordinary business book.” “Well done, Gil. You really connect the dots between marketing and the sales process.”

I’m also hearing my early readers are not only learning the most efficient and effective way to close more business in less time, but also how to streamline their entire sales process and implement marketing strategies that shorten the sales cycle and produce consistently better results.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can get a copy of my new book TODAY and, if you’re inspired to do so, write a review or provide me with a testimonial that I can use in promoting the book.