On Thursday, May 19, 2011, at 9:00 a.m., I’ll be holding a FREE 90-minute talk in NYC entitled “How to Gain Absolute Mastery Over Marketing For Your New Business.”

The purpose of this talk is twofold. First, it’s to provide owners of startup businesses with specific ideas that can help them do a better job with their marketingas well as some common pitfalls to avoid.

Second, it’s to introduce a new Marketing Master Class for Startups and New Businesses. The Master Class will begin in early June. It will meet for 2-1/2 hours on five consecutive weeks.

Each week is devoted to working through one of the five steps that I use in my Extreme Marketing Makeover process. While the makeover process seems to be something that’s reserved exclusively for established businesses, it actually has tremendous relevance to startups. It gets them on the right track from day one (or two).

At the end of the 5 weeks, the participant has a great plan for how to create and implement marketing strategies and materials that directly support the sales process.

For additional information –– and to learn how you can register for the FREE talk –– go to http://www.10dayMarketingMakeover.com/startups/.

If you are unable to attend this free program but would be interested in learning more about the Marketing Master Class, please send me an email at Gil @10DayMarketingMakeover.com.