Sales Process Improvement

Recipes for Improving Marketing and Sales Outcomes

Business owners have lots to juggle. The one ball they can’t afford to drop is SALES. Typically, following the same old recipe will take them only so far. There is only one answer: In order to improve the outcome, it’s necessary to improve the process… and you improve the process by improving the recipe!

chef9Throughout the years, I’ve coached dozens of business owners who read and studied my bestselling book How to Close More Business in Less Time, tracked me down, and asked me to personally coach and help them intensify sales and marketing outcomes.

Using one or more of my private recipes, I helped each of them improve their sales process and increase the effectiveness of their marketing –– from client attraction through developing and maintaining lifetime relationships and, consistently, closing more business in less time.

Here’s How It Works

When I begin working with a new client, I use a highly interactive and revealing storyboarding process that allows us (client and consultant) to answer important questions… to arrive at a powerful value proposition and then support that primary value proposition with one or more secondary value propositions.

In addition to value propositions, we use the same storyboarding approach to clearly identify and analyze target markets, customer segments, and competitive advantages. With this information in hand, we can create the primary messages and verbiage for how to consistently speak to prospects across all media channels.

Working through one vertical category at a time, we brainstorm, suggest ideas, arrange and prioritize and then move onto the next topic. At any time down the road we can return to the storyboard, make changes, and update our earlier assumptions.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts –– as well as to improve all prospecting and client communications –– I am recommending a similar process for your organization in which we:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to your organization. (We can also SWOT your competitors.)
  • Identify the problems your organization solves and the needs you satisfy on behalf of clients and express these in the form of concise value propositions.
  • Clearly identify your target markets to understand who you will be speaking with and the decision makers who will ultimately sign the contract.
  • Identify and rank the objections you hear from prospects so that your marketing materials and client presentations speak directly to those objections before prospects bring them up or express concern about them.
  • Consider the use of additional communication channels (such as standalone landing pages) and, from a visual standpoint, consider graphic elements.

When feasible, I physically sit in a room with clients. In two consecutives five-hour days we arrive at the answers we need. While sitting in the same room isn’t always practical, technology allows us to achieve the results we need working via conference call and screen sharing. Both approaches work.

I believe we can synthesize what we need to learn in three or four two-hour conference calls and screen sharing sessions that occur over a seven to ten-day timeframe. There’d be homework between sessions.

Strategic Marketing Summary

Once we conclude the process outlined above, I consolidate all of what we learn into a single document –– a Strategic Marketing Summary. This document sets the language and standardizes verbiage for your marketing messages.

It ranks value propositions, speaks to objections you hear from prospects, and provides the consistency and continuity of messages.

Once we have our Strategic Marketing Summary in hand, writing the copy for the website, e-mail messages, direct mail, sales letters, and proposals becomes a breeze. When the time comes to create print ads or brochures, you go back to the Summary for the verbiage to make sure you are consistently and clearly reinforcing your value propositions.

For your organization, your Strategic Marketing Summary becomes the basis for all marketing materials and promotional messages –– email marketing, print, handouts, letters, website, and even the sales calls and pitches you make to prospects.

Time is Never Our Friend!

Business owners need answers NOW! TODAY! And they need better results and outcomes just as fast!

My new Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System, based on my bestselling book, can bring about major improvements and outcomes and increase sales faster than any other approach you could try.

For starters, let’s find out if my Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System is right for you.

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Tell me about your business and your situation; what’s working and what isn’t. Once I receive your completed form, I’ll schedule a get-to-know-each-other phone call with you.

During that conversation, I’ll learn more about you and your business and I’ll answer any questions you may have about the Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System. If we’re both satisfied we have a fit, we’ll get started right away.

The Book

One more thing. Prior to signing onto the Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System, it’s extremely helpful if you read How to Close More Business in Less Time. If you don’t have a copy, I’m happy to send a digital version (Kindle or ePub) to you at no charge once you register for the program.

Hard copy or digital, it’s a quick and easy read.

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Gil Effron