In Order to Improve the Outcome, Improve the Process!

Throughout many years, I’ve been able to help sales teams (including their newest team members) become extremely proficient at opening a sale, developing rapport, presenting a highly effective pitch, closing the sale, and developing clients or customers for life.

I accomplish that in part through my bestselling book, How to Close More Business in Less Time. I also accomplish that through my training programs and personal coaching.

Whether through my personal coaching or group training programs — and to help simplify sales and the sales process — I created a simple little chart: Steps in a Typical Sales Process.

By using this chart as their guide, they learn a number of basic concepts including how to eliminate Points of Constraint, how to overcome objections by dealing with them before the prospect mentions them, how to eliminate price objections, how building rapport can become the key to a successful sale, and much more.

While the chart (above) shows the basic steps and can provide an overview of the sales process, you’ll need and want more.

If you really want to master the process and improve your personal sales outcomes (or the sales outcomes of your entire sales team), I offer personalized and/or customized one-on-one sales process coaching as well as team training.

Both approaches yield significantly improved outcomes.

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Time is Never Our Friend!

Business owners need answers NOW! TODAY! And they need better results and outcomes just as fast!

My Sales Process Improvement System, training, and coaching is based on my bestselling book. It brings about major improvements and outcomes and increase sales faster than any other approach you could try.

For starters, let’s find out if my Sales Process Improvement System is right for you.

Call me at 813-489-9596. Tell me about your business and your situation; what’s working and what isn’t.

During our conversation, I’ll learn more about you and your business and I’ll answer any questions you may have about the Accelerated Sales Process Improvement System. If we’re both satisfied we have a fit, we’ll get started right away.

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P.S. When it comes to sales, people most often fail because they don’t have a process that allows them to have complete mastery over the sales process and the experience.