From time to time, I conduct a “meet the author” program. It’s like a lunch-and-learn but can be a breakfast-and-learn or a brunch-and-learn.

My program last week was to a mixed group –– business owners, sales reps, and several people in real estate. I spoke about How to Close More Business in Less Time for about 25 minutes and then opened the floor to a robust conversation about improving the sales process and, subsequently, sales outcomes.

Following the program, one of the attendees asked me if he could purchase a quantity of Weightliftingbooks for his team — to make them stronger. Authors’ ears always pop up when they hear “quantity of books.”

I phoned him a couple of days later with a price. He said he needed to check with his supervisor.

In the meantime, he sent me an email. He said, “I love your book. I’ve been in sales for 20 years. The book has made me look at several aspects of my sales process more closely. I now know what to do to make it better.”

When we spoke a few days later, he disappointedly announced his boss wouldn’t pay for the books. (The supervisor didn’t read the book or look at it. The door was slammed shut.)

He works for large, national corporation. There’s a lot of red tape and things move slowly. Decisions take time. Owners of smaller businesses are closer to action. When a team within their organization finds something that will help them, the boss will go along with it or, at least, give it the time of day.

In our world, with competition the way it is, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Staying ahead of the curve could be and should be easier for larger organizations with deep pockets than with smaller businesses. But setting aside the depth of pockets, the real difference is the mindset of one versus the other.

Small businesses need the right tools. I developed My Marketing Handyman to help level the playing field –– to make it easier for owners of smaller businesses to obtain quick, experienced, affordable marketing support and solutions that help them become stronger and increase sales and share of market.