Each of us has things we do well and like to do. Call this our comfort zone. Each of us also has things we don’t do well and don’t like to do. Call this our un-comfort zone.

Personally, I’ve found the best way for me to deal with the activities in my un-comfort zone — the ones I don’t like to do but the ones I know are vital to my oGrumpy 1verall success — is through discipline and scheduling.

I simply schedule the things I don’t like and add them to my daily calendar, usually in one-hour chunks. When the calendar alarm chimes, I stop what I’m doing and focus on dealing with the un-comfort zone things.

This technique seems to work. The stuff I don’t like to do is easier to deal with because I’m taking it in smaller chunks of time.

Plus, the way I figure it, I can stand to do just about anything for an hour, especially when I know I’ll be accomplishing something important.

I also know that when I complete my goal — that is, when I come to my hour of dealing with the things I don’t do well and don’t like to do — I can jump right back into my comfort zone, with a smile on my face, and no worse the wear.