In my Private Marketing Writing Coaching program, I talk about three fundamentals for writing success.

The first fundamental is thinking strategically. While I talk about Marketing Writing, the critical element of all marketing writing is the strategy behind your offer, your mission, and your message.

The formula is really very simple: Good strategy and good offer, better result. In other words, the better the strategy, the better the outcome. I’d go out on a limb and say that good strategy delivered with less than perfect writing can often bring about a better result than perfect verbiage and grammar, poor strategic thinking, and a weak offer.

The second is writing fast. Often, the ideas that come to us first are the best ideas. Now, when I’m talking about writing fast, I’m recommending that you get your ideas down on paper quickly. Put as much down as you can. Don’t worry about the grammar. Don’t worry about being perfect. Get it on paper.

Don’t get so hung up on searching for a right word or certain way of saying something that you lose other ideas that come to mind. Once you have all your ideas “roughed in” on paper, you can go back and polish your writing… edit… clarify… proof… and so on.

The third fundamental is having fun with your writing. In kindergarten, we had the opportunity to build things, work with clay, and paint with our fingers. We never thought of that as work.

Now, as a Marketing Writer, realize that communicating ideas… having people buy or take action as a result of a message you craft… and visiting the bank with a bonus check as a result of building, creating, and writing a great marketing campaign is a lot of fun – actually more fun than playing with clay.

You can learn more about my Private Marketing Writing Coaching program when you CLICK HERE or contact me through the “Ask Gil” button at the top of the page. And let’s have some fun… writing!