You’d never knowingly kill your relationship with your best customers or most lucrative clients.

Yet too many businesses do exactly that. Instead of nurturing the relationships that have supported and fed their business and employees for many years, they spend the majority of their time chasing after new prospects.Game Plan

I remember visiting one day with a friend Jeff at his office. His secretary walked into Jeff’s office as we were about to head to lunch. She was excited about a check that arrived in the mail from a new customer. It was a sizable check and certainly worth more than a few high-fives.

The thing I remember most about that episode in Jeff’s office was a check that arrived in the mail that same day from a long time customer.

It was about the same sizable amount as the one that arrived from the new customer. No less valuable. However, it was practically ignored.

Most businesses know how much time and effort is needed to identify a prospect, dance the dance of sales, and seal the deal with a kiss. I would never tell a business owner to abandon that effort.

But I would tell that business owner to spend an equal amount of time working on behalf of a long-term, lucrative, or potentially lucrative customer.

While only a few team members are in your sales department, every team member is on your Customer/Client Retention Team.

The Customer/Client Retention Team needs education and training. It’s a valuable investment and supports the importance of creating and nurturing the customers and clients you have. Customer/Client Retention Team training is the first step in keeping customers and clients around for years to come.