I can find almost anything on the Internet… and find it quickly. A couple of words such as “carpet cleaning” added to “Riverdale, New York” gives me dozens of companies to choose from.

Some of the company names that pop up in my searches are from larger corporations – Stanley Steamer, Sears, and so on. Others are from the smaller local companies – A2Z, Carpet Cleaning of Riverdale, and so on.

Wherever and whenever I can, I prefer to support small business. After all, I’ve been working with smaller businesses all my life.

But whether I’m searching for carpet cleaning, painters, auto service, or whatever, it amazes me that the people running these smaller businesses don’t capitalize on their most obvious differentiating factor: THEM!

I believe that the one thing that makes a small business work is the owner and his or her team. They are real people with real names. So when these smaller companies publish their names, I can call and ask for someone by name instead of trying to explain the purpose of my call to whomever answers the phone.

I find this equally as distressing in business-to-business websites. For example, AcmeCopywritingService.com with no contact name just doesn’t give me the same level of confidence that JaneDoeCopywriting.com does. It tells me that I’m dealing directly with Jane, that she’s the writer, and that she’s personally putting her talent, experience, and reputation on the line.

I suppose, more than anything, this is one of the reasons why, in recent years, I’ve grouped all my various business and marketing services under one umbrella domain: www.GilEffron.com. There’s no doubt as to whom to call and people know that the buck stops here. Try it. Call me at 347-920-3272.